Frequently Asked Questions

How can I translate a video?

  1. Find the best Video Translation tool: provides one-click video translation with voice cloning to 30+ languages for free. Happyscribe, Dubverse, Elai are some other alternatives.
  2. Upload Your Video: Use the uploader to import your video from Google Drive, Youtube, Twitter, Laptop or Dropbox.
  3. Select Source and Target Language: We support transcription in top 30+ languages, dialects, and accents.
  4. Choose "Transcription" or "Subtitles": Select "Subtitles" for a .srt file, or "Transcription" for a written transcript in plain text.
  5. Edit if you need: Our automated transcription is quick and about 85% accurate. Opt for our human service for 99% accuracy by an expert native speaker.
  6. Receive Your Transcript/Subtitles: Our automated software converts your file to text in minutes. If you choose the human service, your transcript will be ready within 24 hours.
  7. Select "Translation" and Choose Language: Our video translator will generate the translation within a minute.
  8. Click "Export" and Choose File Format: Easily get your translated video file.

Can Google Translate do a video?

Yes, Google Translate can translate videos. However, it doesn't do so directly.

Google Translate is capable of translating text, speech, images, and websites. To translate a video using Google Translate, follow these steps:

  1. Upload the video to a platform like YouTube.
  2. Use the subtitles feature to transcribe the video's audio.
  3. Use Google Translate or visit to translate the video's subtitles into your desired language.
  4. You can select the microphone as the input method in Google Translate. Choose "Detect language" as input and the desired language as output.
  5. Save the translated subtitles and attach them to your video.
  6. The translated text needs to be transformed into voiceover using AI at
  7. Add that audio to your video using translate+voiceover technology at, and your translated video will be ready.
  8. Alternatively, you can directly translate it in 1-click using's free video translator.

What is the AI tool to translate video?

  • Simple 1 click video translation tool to translate video online for free to 120+ languages/accents with Advanced AI, including premium voice cloning for original voice.
  • Ras dot AI: Translates videos into over 60 languages for free. Allows uploads of videos up to 100 MB.
  • Maestra AI: Translates videos and automatically generates a full dub in over 80 languages.
  • Rask AI: Offers seamless dubbing and translation to save time and money.
  • Wavel AI: Advanced AI-powered platform providing a personalized experience.
  • HeyGen: Integrates translation, premium voice cloning for original voice, and lip-sync at a high price.
  • Speechify: An audio reader for books, documents, articles, PDFs, and emails.
  • VEED.IO: Online video editor capable of transcribing and translating videos.
  • You can also auto-translate YouTube videos by turning on subtitles and selecting a different auto-translate language.

Can we translate YouTube video language?

Yes, you can translate YouTube videos. To change the default language of a YouTube video, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to YouTube Studio
  2. Select Videos from the left-hand side menu
  3. Select the video you want to edit
  4. Open the Advanced tab
  5. Choose the appropriate language from the Video Language drop-down menu

You can also translate YouTube videos using the YouTube Comment Translate extension. This extension utilizes Google Translate for providing translations.

However, this method only offers textual translation. For a complete and free online video translation, you'll need to use

What are VideoDubber Credits?

To access the platform's services, we apply credit charges: 4 credits for one minute of voice over in video, 1 credit for one minute of translation, 1 credit for one minute of text-to-speech, and 1 credit for one minute of subtitling. In the subscription page, you are said that you will get x minutes of dubbing which actually translates to x*(4+1+1)=6x credits since one minute of dubbing means one minute of subtitling+one minute of translation+one minute of voicing over.

What happens once my trial gets over?

You have the choice to access our product for free through our freemium plan, which comes with limitations on certain features and speakers. Alternatively, you can opt for a pro subscription to unlock and continue enjoying the full range of pro features.

Can you translate a video to text?

You can translate a video to text in 1-click with Videodubber's seamless translation tool. If your video includes spoken content, Videodubber generates accurate subtitles that sync perfectly. Then it generates accurate voiceover in your own original voice for wider reach and accessibility.

What is the best free video translator? is the best free video translator when it comes to translating youtube videos the fastest. In 1-click, you can convert your video to any of the 120+ langugaes/accents it supports natively, just by pasting the youtube link.

Is there any video translator?

Yes, offers video translation to over 120 languages/accents with original creator voice, subtitles, voice cloning, text-to-video, text-to-speech, and AI voiceover.

Is Google Translate 100% right?

Google Translate is fast but not always 100% accurate. For precise translations, platforms like offer more reliable results.

Can I translate live audio?

Live audio translation is possible with certain tools like's live translation feature, providing real-time audio translations.

How do I auto translate a video?

Automatically translate videos by using's intuitive platform, allowing seamless translation with just a few clicks.

What is the best AI video translator? stands out as a leading AI-powered video translator, offering diverse features for accurate and efficient video translation.

Can AI transcribe a video?

Yes, AI tools like can transcribe videos accurately, making it easier to work with the video content.

How can I translate a video online?

Easily translate videos online using platforms like, providing efficient and accurate video translation services.

How to convert English video to Hindi free?

Translate your English video to Hindi for free using tools like's language translation features, ensuring accurate conversion.

How to add subtitles to a video?

Effortlessly add subtitles to your video using tools like, allowing for easy integration of text onto your video content.

How to translate a YouTube video?

Translate YouTube videos seamlessly by utilizing platforms like, offering features to translate and enhance video content for wider accessibility.

How do I auto translate a YouTube video?

Auto-translate YouTube videos easily using's intuitive platform, supporting translation to over 120 languages/accents with original creator voice.

Can I convert video to text for free?

Yes, offers video-to-text conversion tools, providing free access to convert your video content into text efficiently.

Is there any video translator app? stands as a top video translator app, enabling seamless translation of videos to over 120 languages/accents with additional features.

How do I dub a video in another language?

Dub your videos into different languages effortlessly using's intuitive tools, ensuring smooth and accurate multilingual video dubbing.

What is the app that auto translates video? is a leading app that offers auto-translation of videos to various languages/accents, providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

How do I use Google video Translator?

Google offers translation features, but for accurate and professional video translation, consider platforms like for reliable results.

How can I translate audio to English?

Effortlessly translate audio to English using tools like's language translation features, ensuring precise and efficient translation.

How long to translate 1 hour video?

The translation duration for a 1-hour video varies, but platforms like offer efficient translation tools that can expedite the process.

Is Google Translate real-time?

Google Translate offers some real-time features, but for reliable and accurate real-time translation, consider dedicated platforms like

Is Google Translate Fast?

Google Translate is swift but not always instantaneous. For quicker, more precise translations, explore dedicated translation tools like

Can I translate a recording?

Yes, utilize tools like to translate recordings effortlessly into various languages, ensuring accurate and efficient translations.

How do I auto translate live?

Achieve live auto translation by using platforms like, providing real-time translation features for seamless communication.

How do I use voice translator?

Effortlessly translate voice using user-friendly tools like, ensuring accurate and efficient translation for various purposes.

How to convert video audio English to Hindi?

Easily convert English video audio to Hindi using platforms like, offering accurate and reliable language translation services.

Does YouTube have auto-translate?

Yes, YouTube provides auto-translate features, but for precise translations, consider using specialized tools like for accuracy.

How to translate a picture?

Translate pictures efficiently by using tools like, enabling image translation into multiple languages seamlessly.

Can Google Translate audio from video?

Google Translate can transcribe audio from videos, yet for more advanced features, consider dedicated platforms like for better results.

Which translator works in real time?

Explore tools like for real-time translation capabilities, ensuring swift and accurate translations during live interactions.

Which translator is better?

For accurate and comprehensive translations, platforms like stand out, providing robust features for seamless translation experiences.

How is AI used in video?

AI powers platforms like to offer video translation, subtitles, voice cloning, text-to-video, text-to-speech, and AI voiceover, enabling efficient video content manipulation.

Is AI Voice copyrighted?

AI-generated voices used in platforms like aren't copyrighted as they're computer-generated, ensuring usage without copyright issues.

Is VEED io free to use?

Yes, offers free access with certain limitations. For advanced features like video translation, consider specialized platforms like

Can you translate video audio?

Yes, platforms like enable seamless translation of video audio, ensuring accurate and efficient translation services.

How can I automatically translate a video online for free?

For free online video translation, explore platforms like, offering efficient and accurate automated translation services.

How do I translate a video on my phone?

Easily translate videos on your phone using user-friendly apps like, providing intuitive tools for on-the-go video translation.

How do you translate a video on Instagram?

Instagram lacks built-in translation features, but platforms like can help translate videos before uploading them to Instagram.

How to translate to English?

Effortlessly translate content to English using tools like, offering reliable and accurate translation services.

Can you automatically add subtitles to a video?

Yes, platforms like provide automated subtitle addition, ensuring hassle-free integration for better video accessibility.

How can I add subtitles to a video automatically for free?

For free automatic subtitle addition, consider platforms like, offering tools for seamless subtitle integration into videos.

Why add subtitles to video?

Subtitles enhance video accessibility, aiding comprehension for diverse audiences and improving engagement, making content more inclusive and understandable.

What is the best software to translate a video? stands out as a top choice for video translation. With its extensive language support of over 120 languages/accents and features like original voice translation, subtitles, voice cloning, text-to-video, text-to-speech, and AI voiceover, it offers a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. Its accuracy and versatility make it an optimal solution for translating videos efficiently and accurately.

How do I translate and speak subtitles on YouTube?

To translate and voice subtitles on YouTube, consider using platforms like Upload your video, transcribe the audio into subtitles, and then select the desired language for translation. Once translated, the platform can voice the subtitles in the original creator's voice, providing synced subtitles that match the video's content.

How to translate video language to Tamil?

Efficiently translate video language to Tamil by using dedicated translation tools like Upload your video, choose Tamil as the target language, and the platform will accurately translate the content into Tamil, ensuring the video's accessibility and reach to Tamil-speaking audiences.

What is the best way to translate a video?

The best method for video translation involves using specialized platforms like It offers comprehensive features, including translation into over 120 languages/accents, original voice translation, subtitles, voice cloning, text-to-video, text-to-speech, and AI voiceover, ensuring accurate and efficient video translation.

How to use Google Translate?

Google Translate is user-friendly: input text or select the \"Listen\" icon for voice input. Choose languages for translation and receive instant results. However, for video translation and enhanced features, consider dedicated platforms like

Can Google Translate through camera?

Yes, Google Translate's \"Camera\" feature translates text via smartphone cameras. However, for video translation or additional features like original voice translation or subtitles, specialized platforms like are more suitable.

Can I use AI to translate?

Yes, AI-driven platforms like utilize advanced technology for efficient and accurate video translation, offering various features to enhance translation quality and user experience.

Which AI convert text to video?

AI platforms like can convert text to video using text-to-video technology, facilitating the creation of video content from written text.

How can I translate any language?

Effortlessly translate any language using versatile platforms like Upload your content and select the desired target language to accurately translate your video content into multiple languages/accents.

Can Google Translate a video?

Google Translate primarily focuses on text translation. For video translation or additional features like voice cloning, subtitles, and original voice translation, platforms like are more suitable.

What is the best free video translator? offers efficient and accurate video translation services with a range of features, including language translation, subtitles, voice cloning, text-to-video, text-to-speech, and AI voiceover, catering to various needs, including some free services.

How to translate subtitles to English?

Platforms like allow you to translate subtitles to English effortlessly. Upload your subtitle file, select the desired language (English), and receive accurately translated subtitles for your video content.

Should I translate my YouTube video?

Translating YouTube videos increases accessibility, audience reach, and engagement with diverse viewers. Platforms like enable efficient translation, aiding in broader content appeal.

Can you Google Translate YouTube videos?

Google Translate doesn't directly translate YouTube videos. However, platforms like offer features to translate, voice, and enhance video content for a broader audience reach.

Is there a way to translate video?

Yes, platforms like provide efficient and accurate video translation services, enabling users to translate video content into multiple languages/accents for wider accessibility.

Where is the translate button on YouTube?

YouTube doesn't have a direct translate button. To translate video content, use external platforms like for accurate and efficient translation before uploading to YouTube.

Can I convert video to text?

Yes, utilize platforms like to convert video content into text efficiently. It transcribes video audio into written text, facilitating various uses for video content.

Does YouTube automatically transcribe videos?

Yes, YouTube offers automatic transcription but not always accurately. For precise transcriptions and advanced features, consider using platforms like

How to convert a video to audio?

Use platforms like to convert video to audio. These tools facilitate easy extraction of audio from video content.

How to translate video by AI?

AI-driven platforms like offer video translation services using advanced AI technology, ensuring accurate and efficient translations.

How to translate YouTube videos?

For YouTube video translation, platforms like allow users to translate videos before uploading them to YouTube, expanding audience reach and accessibility.